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How do I find past flight on FlightAware? I can only find flights in the future. Flightsfrom com also only has flights in the future. I’m trying to look for the route from Panama City to Istanbul but I can’t find it


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Is there a specific flight you’re trying to find?

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Try the flight finder. Not all flights will show completed flights.

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Currently, due to the global pandemic and the onslaught of flight cancellations, services such as FR24 and flight aware are not showing past or recent upcoming flights because they have been canceled for 2 or more weeks. I suggest to look at FlightMapper.net for the most accurate flight info, as if the pandemic never occurred.

Here you can see the schedules and scheduled aircrafts for hundreds of flights from one destination to the next. These show the on-record schedules, again, as if the pandemic never happened. This is best if you are trying to find info for realistic routes for the upcoming summer/winter season

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FlightsFrom.com shows the routes from an airport you choose. This is an example of JFK. Flightaware doesnt have that many flights because of the current pandemic.


This is what I mainly used to find flights and it has to flight listed but it doesn’t give me an aircraft type because there’s not any booked for the future but thank you

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http://flightmapper.net/ is the site to go. @Aniket_Joglekar posted it above and it shows callsigns and the aircraft type for the route. Just pick 2 places on the map and it shows the routes that are closest to it. Click on the airline and you can find the information for the flight. I clicked Beijing and Paris, and I clicked Air China on the side and it gave me info from past flights.


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