FlightAware Decode Not Working

Hey guys, I am trying to check out the https://fpltoif.com/flightaware?t=new website but when I look at pretty much any flight on flight aware and try to decode the route it tells me that the route cannot be decoded. Does anyone know a fix?

Where are you flying from and to? I heard that FlightAware decoder only works for US part of the world.

From CYVR to Tokyo RJAA

That is why it is probably not working.

But it lets me decode a flight from Punta Caucedo to Paris

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Yes but the waypoints will be wayy off course.

If the flight plan is included, it should be able to decode it. For the flights to which you refer (those that don’t have an endpoint in US or Canada), they simply don’t include a flight plan.

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you copy and paste the link not the flight plan itself

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Mainly the US and Canada flights will allow you to decode the flight plan.

What is the Flight Aware url?

Flight aware does not have the flight plan decoded. Hence why Fpltoif is unable to read it.

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