Flight67’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @ KSAN

I am active in training server.Any problems message me directly. Let me know if there is a airport you would like me to control for you.

Hey pls go on Global ATC Request Thread || Request ATC Services
To ask

Unless u want to make a tracking thread

I’m running the tower…

@Flight67 is this your ATC tracking thread to become IFATC? If so, i can fix the title for ya

All tracking threads have to have the same title format no matter what, fixed it for you!

Yo I don’t think it’s a tracking thread

If it is someone opening an ATC session thread on the IFC, it is a tracking thread.

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I hope ur right but the way he tittled it was I’m open at SAN he made no reference of IFATC 🤷‍♂️

IFATC or not, it’s a tracking thread.
However, I do believe he has to be in the process of training to be an IFATC for it to be an approved tracking thread.


Contacted a recruiter for IFATC just wanted to do this cause I was bored and wanted to do something on infinite flight besides fly and I know ATC is spotty on IF so here you go…

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Thanks for fixing the title

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N320AY DM me

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