Airline: Air New Zealand
Callsign: New Zealand 42
Departure: YSSY, Sydney Kingsford smith
Arrival: NZAA, Auckland International Airport
Server: Casual Server (Survived somehow)
Departure date: 8th June 2019
Arrival Date: 9th June 2019
Flight time: 3 Hours and 35 minutes

image image Summary: The flight was great as i managed to figure the speed and flaps correctly(10º), the pass over the beaches were wonderful and the scenery, all was great no errors except for a bit of turbulence. :)

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Looks great but adding on to @Ash_Rand you cannot have the tags of other players as well.

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Thanks, I apologize for my actions i have deleted a couple of images that should do it. :)

Great pictures mate, hope it was a smooth night flight.

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