Flight with the IF-BRA Team

Flight from Barcelona (LEBL) to Amsterdam (EHAM) NO Training server


Love that pic! 😍

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Nice photo of the moon how did you do that

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@Armani_B This Topic might help you try and get some pictures started.

  • Replay your Flight.

  • Use the Free Camera to adjust the angle of the moon and the plane, far away.

  • Zoom in Fully and This should probably work.

Great shot of that Vueling @IF-BRA_BRASIL! I hope you have enjoyed your flight. ;)

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Thank You 👨‍✈️✈️

The night helped a lot. so it was easier. But when there is no moon I make the day. the hour and the year until the moon appears. then just use the free camera to help the photo the way you want it!