Flight with me!

Today you’re flight with me ! EHAM-KPDX with A330

Boarding at 22:06

We take-off after 10min (the pilot is really strong)

Bip Bip, we are at cruising altitude

We start the descent

This approach is beautiful !

And butter landing !

Thank you for the flight ! Have a good week


Love seeing people doing Trip reports/ Passenger style post

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Nice shots!

Love the trip reports! Great Photos!

Love too thanks !

Thank you ☺️

Nice, thank you too 😇

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Great shots! Just remember to add aircraft and flight time to avoid getting the topic closed ;)

Thanks I changed

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Love the pics!

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Those are amazing!

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Amazing shots

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Thank youuuuu

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Thank you 🙌🏻

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Thank you 😇

Very nice I like that make more of these