Flight with mad Misha

Very unexpected flight with misha**

This flight was on expert server at 10:20PM BST In the Xcub**

Flying around the mountains of Caraguatatuba

Quick stop and Go at SDUB

Misha showing off his true colours ( craziness ahem )

Diving through some hills on the way to Guarulhos

Trying to follow mishas path…

Under his wing for this one!

Last known sighting of G-MISH before he disappeared. Mystery 🤔

Hope you enjoyed these! Which ones did you like the most?

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And he tells us not to fool around on expert, Such a hypocrite


😂 he’s serious when he wants to be

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Such a hypocrite


Thats awesome I love that hahahha :). Nice to see some people having some fun :)

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would love to hear his experience with you

At first he was most likely like “ who’s this boi following me “ then I flew off down a hill and the next minute he’s coming straight at me and I’m like “ HELLO!” 😂

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he should reply to this and tell what he was thinking

I’m hoping he’ll see it 😂

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same… would be interesting

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Haha, looks like you and Misha were having fun. Cool photos!


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Shhhhh! You might wake Laura who won’t approve of an inverted Cub!!!

Something has made me thinking of flying the XCub again. The second picture is amazing. 👏

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Thanks! It’s a really fun plane to fly, try landing it on a mountain or a hill.

Last time I encountered Misha near Aspen, he went crazy in the XCub and I got maneuver killed by him as I crashed into the side of a narrow canyon after he pulled an Immelmann. Yeah, don’t mess with him 😂


In the wild birds flap their wings to scare others away, in the vicinity of misha he will go close to a mountain and attempt to ram you into it

I had saw Misha earlier when I was flying between Mountains. And I would try to get away but he’d turn my way lol.

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@MishaCamp I never thought you would fool around on the Expert.

Great shots @Jackalus_Mills

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I saw you guys while I was controlling I was like wtf is happening.

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I need to get my name changed again AHH! thanks for the nice comment though!