Flight with hotspot

Tonight I’m doing my first long haul flight but I faced a problem. In my bedroom the WiFi signal is weak so I have to make a hotspot from my phone to iPad.

Is it ok to fly on a hotspot? I have 50gb of data so this is not a problem.

Thanks in advance!

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This shouldn’t be a problem. Are you sure you can use 50gb on your hotspot? Many people have a hotspot limit of less than 5 gb.

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It’s fine to fly on either or, but you could start the flight where the signal strength is stronger, get to cruise make sure everything is okay, your FLP, and all, then leave your device plugged in, you can save data and such:)

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That should be alright

You actually don’t need to use the hotspot. As long as it’s connected to WiFi, the flight won’t cancel.

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Why dont you just put it by your wifi box?


^Better idea^

Not sure about that. Sometimes the WiFi doesn’t even show up. So I usually have no signal in my bedroom :(

Hi.Guys how long us the flight

Look at @AarkonTV’s post. Climb to cruise and leave it by the box, and check on it every now and then.

I would like to have the iPad next to my bed to see if everything is alright. But I can do this too if there isn’t a better solution

Well, you can download liveflight on your phone and check, if there’s no sharp turns, and if you’re aircraft holds it speed at the altitude you set it at, then you won’t have any issues:)

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I’ve done a flight with hotspot on frm Austria to Belize, so long as you have a good signal and all that yoy should be ok. At 50g that won’t even dint your data. I used my phone’s data for over a week I got 30g and I barely dented it.
As everyone else has said check the flight path ect and just enjoy the flight.

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Thank you very much for helping me. I have one more question. Is this speed good for the hotspot:

It’s almost always like this

Good enough for IF! :) And in general yes!

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IF doesn’t eat data so you should be fine. I fly on data all the time.

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I did it once it works perfectly.
Infinite Flight data should be light weight considering image details

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