Flight with Delays | Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-900 NEO

The flight was delayed due to increased air traffic and ATC forgot to approve my pushback XD, until they changed the people in the ground tower and I reapplied and got approved for pushback for 30 minutes :)

Hawaii Here We Go!!

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Airbus A330-900 NEO
Route: KJFK - PHNL
Flight Time: 10:10
Flight: Delta 312 Heavy

Edit: I forgot to put the total time of the flight, sorry



Nice photos!

It’s ok after a couple of minutes or so to resend the message…

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Isn’t there a limit to how many pics you can upload?

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I don’t really know how many, but since I was new to the community, I don’t know how many photos I can upload at most.

Great shots! Hope you enjoyed the flight, JFK was very busy over the weekend 😬

By the way, the limit is 10 photos per topic


Thanks bro, and with the issue of 10 photos at most I hadn’t noticed, lesson learned XD, I owe you one ;)

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Nice pics!

Nah, did that once after waiting on an active runway for 5 minutes at CYYZ. Guy kicked me for no reason. This was also back when the violation level was really severe and I couldn’t play expert server for a week.

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