Flight with Captain Vargas

Hello, IFC,

I did s flight this morning from Zurich to Rome in a Swiss MD-11. Later on, I found out that @Captain_Vargas was flying the same route on the expert server!

Here are my pictures:

1: Sunrise in Zurich
2: View of the alps from the Cockpit
3: Turning after departure
4: Captain Vargas and I at Rome
5: Captain Vargas and I at Zurich
6: Spotting @SimpleWaffles at Zurich
7 Captain Vargas buttering at Rome!

I had a few technical difficulties with the old MD-11 mid flight as @Captain_Vargas might have noticed but it was an overall great flight!

Thank You!


Make sure to take these shots in replay mode so we don’t see all the useless labels. Great shots! Use the actual screenshot button in the bottom of your screen. Not the one for the whole device.

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It was a pretty good flight from start to end! I was a lil concerned that you might’ve started decent a lil late as I started a bit before you but seems you did just about great! Was fun to see I wasn’t alone on that flight! Amazing pictures that ones you took, I really like them! Thanks for sharing!

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