Flight with a Retired aircraft (Iberia 747-256B)

Another classic airliner I flown but in a long haul flight with is a Barcelona to Boston which a 747-200 normally flys in transatlantic, Iberia retired the 747 around 2008 or something and pax 742 were retired and now very rare
And this one (EC-DIB) was scrapped


Boeing 747-256B

Taken off from Barcelona

Leaving Spain or Europe

Morning over the Atlantic

Flying into North America

Cleared to land In Boston

A decent landing (don’t mind a modern aircraft in the right)

Might make a couple more or do other flights if so


Cool pictures! No one ever flies the 747-200!

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yea, it might be the physics are outdated and textures were outdated

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Yeah that could be it. Still a great aircraft with retro liveries though!

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indeed even though the air canada one usually is from the 747-100 from the registration

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Interesting pictures

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Thanks dude!

Please do and make topics about the because these photos are excellent!

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Ok will do or make a detailed flight from like an event or something

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