Flight with a Friend/ Andres_Camargo=me, and Canadian_Aviator

I mean no one is stopping you.

Oh now I don’t know what to do

Also don’t forget to only post one topic per day #screenshots-and-videos.

Ok thank you and I was wondering I had a person tell me to join a virtual airline how to I join and how do I chosse one

You can join a virtual airline by going to #live:va and then choose your virtual airline there.

Ok thank you so much

You’re welcome.

If you need help, you can drop me a pm anytime:)

Ok when I look at them they say I need twitter insta on some applications I don’t have ether of those because I don’t like social media except for this community

I never heard of that.

Some of the VA say in the application to sign up says I need to have some tree of social media

Isn’t the IFC a social media platform?

This is the only I allow myself to come because the others scare me and when I tried them i did not have a good time

Oh okay, I see.

You can always tell them that. and maybe you can apply without a social media platform.

Ok I’ll tell them that

I think we are getting off topic here. Can we
continue via pm.

Ok i will sorry for getting off topic

All good 😊

I hope y’all like the photos