Flight with a Friend/ Andres_Camargo=me, and Canadian_Aviator

It’s ok, welcome to the community! I recommend taking a look at some community tutorials! Just keep this in mind before you post again! If you need help, take this to PM so that we don’t clog this up!

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Thank you this is my third post on hear but i did not know that their where limits on what i can post

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26 pics, is great, but limit is 10, keep in mind ;)

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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love IF

Hey lovely pictures it was a very fun flight:)

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I went ahead and removed the extra photos from your post. As others have pointed out you can reference the topic guidelines at the following link. Please notice the count and frequency restrictions.

Thank you I did not know how to fix it

Yes I was maybe we can do one Friday who knows and also who knows maybe 20.2 will be out

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You can press the edit button.

Oh it’s because when I have the other photos I took off all the words that said upload and everything went away so I didn’t removed them because I all went gone if I edited them

1st it to tap on the edit button/ pencil
2nd is to edit what ever you want to edit and lastly is to save the edit


Ohhh thank you I can use this as and example so I don’t mess up on my next flight that I upload

You’re welcome!

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Do you think it’s a good idea if I give IF one of my pics so when the next loading screen needs replacement i can give them one

I think IF just picks their pictures, its not necessary to send a picture to them.

Ok I won’t then

I mean no one is stopping you.

Oh now I don’t know what to do

Also don’t forget to only post one topic per day #screenshots-and-videos.

Ok thank you and I was wondering I had a person tell me to join a virtual airline how to I join and how do I chosse one