Flight Windows

Happy Easter all!

I was looking at some flight pictures earlier and the lights in the windows were lit up, unlike the ones on mine which are not. Obviously this is not a huge issue, just nice to see if anyone knows the cause. Thanks!


Device - iPad Air 2
Operating System - iOS 10
Modifications/Jailbroken - None / No

Attempts/Steps Taken - Turned on and off all legitimate settings that could be a solution.

Screen Shots - Seens self explanatory, but if one is needed I will put one up upon request.

Other information: I know window lights are not supported on all aircraft, but Iā€™m pretty sure they are supported on the 787-9, and 95% sure it works on the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400. I do not know however if there is a button in game to turn the lights on (like there is for no smoking seat belts, lights, etc.

Thank you and Happy Easter!


This is in the global update. At the moment, the lights are bright, but not half as bright as global.

If you have a look on the Evolution of global thread, there is many a conversation about the new cabin lighting compared to old.

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Hi there! Try to restart the app, go to the graphics page and put aircraft quality to high or very high. This should fix it. Happy Easter! :)


Thank you so much! That fixed it completely!