Flight will not load

I am not able to start a flight online or ATC. Global server is red and will not connect. I cannot use the app at all.

Make sure you have your account passwords and stuff. Then I would say delete the app then shut down your device. Turn it back on and download the app. According to past time this works

Or don’t delete and just restart your device. Other than that you will have to ask someone with greater authority than me

I would hold off on re-installing.

  • What have you done to try to resolve the issue on your own? Have you rebooted your device?
  • What type of device are you on?
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I rebooted, cleared cache, restarted app, restarted device several times. It only started after the last navigation base update.

I didn’t do anything and it just started working again. The global server kept disconnecting on my mobile data. I turned my wifi on off a hotspot and it worked. Now today, no issues with global server and I didn’t do anything.

Glad it is working. See how it goes and if it happens again.

I actually found another thread someone posted with screenshot of exactly what was happening. I’m not sure what they did to fix it either.

Some of it was due to changes in router firewalls due to router updates. Theres a number of network related items that could block what is needed.

We always ask to try different networks and/or switching to cellular if possible to try to narrow it down.

I was on cellular and it was not working.

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