Flight weather workflow

Disclaimer: Not trying to advertise or anything like that

Okay, so lately I have been into this app named workflow, I totally love it, it’s just so customizable and it can do everything I want.

For me the easiest way to check the weather at nearby airports is either by going onto flightradar24 and checking the metar or by logging onto my local country’s aviation site. This seems boring.

I figured I’d create this workflow, it automates getting the weather from any airport. I am simply getting all images from a URL, and just calling the “Quick look” action too see that image (since there is only on the page). I am then checking for which airport you want to see weather for (this is fully customizable so if you want to you can add any airports) and then getting the latest metar and TAF and displaying them to the user.

So, for those who have workflow, here you go: (This is really amazing)



Try aero weather

For the weather, I just turn on my TV, and switch to channel 62: The Weather Channel.

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Lol that’s pretty sophisticated

Of course there are TV channels and weather apps, but those are boring and sometimes not accurate at my location, I find METAR and TAF to be the most accurate and detailed weather reports ;)

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