Flight warning on other equipment caused the crash

When I was flying today, it showed that I was logging on other devices when I was halfway to the flight. However, I have been using one device, and I have encountered such problems before. I hope you can help me solve them.

This means that another device that is logged into your account was used and started flying. When this happens, the throttles will be cut, and you won’t be able to fly. Are you sure you did not use another device to fly?

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Personally, I’ve never had this happen to me before.
Does this issue occur randomly, or are there specific patterns or steps that lead to this problem?

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Scroll to the bottom where it says
“I’m receiving an error saying that my account is being used on another device?”
And click on it


The problem has been with us for days

Yes,I only use one device to fly.

Looking at your account, I see multiple devices used in the past 24-48 hours.

iphone 6 with the callsign of GAVA116
ipad mini 5 with the callsign of Singaport 0545
iphone x with the callsign of Air Force 0545


Yes, I logged into my account on multiple devices, but the other devices were off while I was flying with the iPhone6

You may want to make sure you physically log out of IF on those devices in case someone else launches the app by mistake.

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I’m supposed to log out “completely” every time I fly these devices, right?

Ideally, yes. You never know what is running in the background and if someone on another device launches IF it could impact you on another device.

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Ok, thank you Chris, I will completely log out of my account in other devices in the future, thank you!

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