Flight Vlog: Planes, Girls and $100 Cheeseburgers

Hello IFC:

About a month ago, @N1DG and I took a friend down to Little Rock National Airport, Adams Field to eat at the local airport dinner located on the field. We decided to film it for the memories and here is the end product:https://youtu.be/cOVzbyEq7gA. I made a couple of mistakes in this video (who can correctly find them) but we all learn and live to tell another day. If you like this video, please consider giving a like and a comment on this video as well as a subscription to our channel. We try and upload once to twice a month depending on our schedule. Also, if you want to follow us on our socials, they will be in the video description. If you have not seen @N1DGs post with the pictures here it is: Cessna 172 100 dollar cheeseburger run featuring girls.