Flight Vlog: Pattern Work Tutorial

Hello wonderful IFC:

As you can tell by the title, @N1DG and I decided to go to the airport on a beautiful Friday afternoon and make a video on how we fly a pattern when we fly. I know everyone flies differently and we are NOT teaching people how to fly one…we are just simply showing how we do it. The video can be found here.

Note:Once again, this video is not for flight instruction. Please consult a certified flight instructor (CFI) in your area to learn how to fly


So let me get this straight, once I have a PPL I can just rent a small single engine prop plane and fly? No type ratings required?

That’s correct

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And in that process you’d be building up those treacherous 1500 hours on top of whatever you are be doing to get those, the hours go towards that.

That is correct!

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