Flight vlog: First flight as a private pilot w/bro

If you like flight vlogs, please check out this flight vlog my brother @N1DG and I did. Flight Vlog


Might take a look when I get home ;)

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Cool. Please do.


Nice video!

I’m not sure if you have a camera stabilizer or a camera mount, but you should invest in one. Your videos will come out less shaky. :)

Thanks. We forgot our sticky mounts we usually use so we had to hand film. That’s why it was shaky

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Subscribed 👍, Hope to to you guys up there some day.

Thanks. We try and release a video every week or so.

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That is awesome, you both have your PPL? When did you guys start flying?

Yep we do and we started flying about three years ago

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you guys use a checklist? that mixture is mighty rich for a cruise flight.

other than that good vid :)


Will check out when I get home!

Really cool flight vlog. Seeing the landing would have also been fun. I would include that next time.

Yes we did. We did it before we started recording. Also, we were only at 2500 feet so we didn’t lean it as per the checklist.

We will for sure include the landing in the next one. We forgot our sticky mounts so we had no way to mount the camera for a landing

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Now I’m curious. Why not lean at 2,500? Never seen that on a checklist.

Nice job guys congrats to both of you.

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According to that airplanes POH, it’s not recommended to lean below 3k


Yeah you never lean below 3000 in most Cessna’s 172s

but why? thats my question. what does the POH say? @N1RG @Rodney_Buckland

I am not going into details. With your name, you should know why…Just saying