Flight tribute for Kobe Bryant?

We should do a formation flight tribute for Kobe Bryant. His death hit so many heart of his fans including mine. The fact that I was driving near where he crash in the helicopter was so sadden. The visibly there was so bad that only one car in front of you is the only car you can see.

You can make a #live:groupflights thread. Make sure to read the about page!

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THANKYOU! I want someone else to start this flight as I am not able to do that right now. I just giving idea.

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Turning down your credit huh? Cool. Unlikely it’ll happen since its a sensitive topic and people are reluctant to post about things like this. I don’t know if it’s be taken down by mods or be left alone. Best make it yourself.

I want to do ur myself too, but I am a Instrument flight student at a part 141 flight school, it will hard for me to make time for this formation flight but I get your point.

I’m sure you can find some space.

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