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I couldn’t find a recent thread regarding flight training without necroposting, so I figured I’d open here instead

I haven’t been a heavy user of this forum in the past year or two, but I just popped back to say thanks to everyone here with all of your informative posts. I was a regular user of this forum back in its early days and through this, I was able to get in touch with many real world pilots and those in training who were able to give me many pointers and advice in pursuing this dream. I have recently been offered a place on an airline specific training course leading to a FO position with a major European carrier, I couldn’t be more thrilled! I wanted to share my message to encourage other users to show your interest and ask plenty of questions on here! When I first signed up to this forum I never thought you would actually be able to talk with real world pilots, so make full use of this - there’s plenty of guys willing to help around here!


How are you funding that training if you don’t mind me asking? Is it funded or is it more loans/working like mad to self-fund?

There is a pretty simple plan:

  • finish university
  • get a job
  • start the training
  • become a commercial pilot without any depths and be a happy man

Yeah - sounds great on paper, but when you get a job following uni after further £15K in debt for further training it’s not so simple.

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I did my training back in 2014 with a major European airline. I’m even type rated. What happens: hiring freeze!

It’s good to have a basic degree to start your life in that moment.

The market situation in Europe is very bad for pilots (can’t speak for other countries). Just imagine you start your young life with 80k depth and no position as a pilot…

There is no simple way to become a pilot.

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In the US however the pilot situation is dire. They need pilots for everything! @anon93248082 can tell you, he got a new job in the aviation industry in a week.

Congrats on getting pretty much hired! Want to wish safe journeys with your almost new job. Anyways, happy flying! ;)

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Congratulation! Good luck on your indoctrination training and can’t wait to see some really awesome pictures!! (Of non critical phases of flight of course ;))

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Well said. It’s not simple but it’s not impossible and 99% of people with overthink there dreams thus never achieve them

Dont try…do.

I dream it, so I made it come true. As an aviation enthusiast you should know about the importance of your plan b.

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