Flight Training Scholarships

Hello, aviators!

If you’re interested in pursuing a hobby or career in aviation but the prospect of spending all that money is a little daunting, don’t forget that there are programs out there to help young and upcoming aviators!

In Canada, COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) has announced some 2022 scholarships that range from drone to maintenance to flight training!


Their full list of scholarships is here which includes helo and female-only.

In the US, the list is extensive for scholarship opportunities!


This isn’t limited to North America though. If your country has a pilot’s association with available scholarships you’d like to share with the community, please drop the link in the comments!

Get out there and go after your dreams! ✈


Jason you didn’t know how perfect in timing this was. Tysm


This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you, Jason!

Go get it, Asher!

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Did I hear Canada?

And WestJet pilot? Someone buy me the next ticket across the pond, kthx.

Thanks Jason, I’ll be sure to check this out. As my hopeful plan is to get a ppl and move forward to IFR and commercial flying whilst emigrating to Canada, this is certainly a great link I’ll keep in hand/bookmarked.

For me and the Americans I believe the AOPA also does something similar with scholarship programs

@Ethan_Brown see here. Great program


This is going to be so helpful! Thanks Jason!

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