Flight Training pictures

I started my flight Training about 2 months ago at Henderson State University and I started this thread for the community to share their flight training pictures or videos


Awesome topic! I have some cool training pictures as well

All pictures taken on different days


Hendseron State University Wow I go there!

These are very nice pictures
What kind of plne is that

That’s awesome

C172R, very fun little plane

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It’s a small world that’s for sure and a small campus! I’ve bet we seen each other on campus

Most likely

Oh I usually fly a Maule MXT-7-160

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Nice pictures! Glad you are enjoying your training

Awesome pictures, enjoy your training

Landing at hotsprings

Flying over Arkadelphia at night


Awesome stuff

This is my best. This was just on Sunday. Me and my instructor did a Melbourne City circuit. Highly recommend it, the best way to see the city is from the sky.

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