Flight Training in the Desert Southwest

Hey everybody!
I haven’t shared any photos recently since I’ve been pretty busy getting all my work done for school. I’ve got one more week to go before spring break, so maybe then I’ll have more time to spend playing Infinite Flight!
Even though I haven’t been flying too frequently, I do find the time occasionally, and I managed to take these two wonderful pictures.

Both of these photos were taken while I was doing some flying with my roommates here at Embry-Riddle. They’re working on their instrument ratings and private ratings to hopefully become pilots one day, but for now, one thing they both love to do is fly the 172 in Infinite Flight, since its a great tool for learning flows, and otherwise just learning to fly the aircraft.
This first one was taken at sunrise, the visibility was just right to create a sort of glow around where the sun was coming up. 🌅

My other picture was taken as we flew a bit east of the Prescott, Arizona area. In this picture I am turning to join up with my company 172 for the rest of our flight back to Prescott airport.

I hope you like these pictures. I know there are only two, but I really liked the way these looked and really wanted to share them!
Let me know what you think about them below.


Amazing! I seriously thought that first one was in real life! Keep it up 👍

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I was very surprised by the first one! Love the fog and sunset, the angle is spectacular!

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