Flight Training from infinite flight gurus

Hey IF Lovers,

So, I was on my way to Salzburg (Bombardier Q400) and while flying as a passenger in IRL, I took the time to improve my crosswind landings by practicing the landing, making sure i am at centerline…different crab methods etc… I realized that while it is great to practice and practice and practice, if there is no one to “see” and correct your mistakes - it is just trial and error.

How about we create a section in the community where people can upload their videos and ask specific questions on their flight problem areas. People with a certain level of flight experience and proven track record then answer the question or upload their own video showing how they would do it differently, give tips.

Got thoughts on this? Any support for the idea from the moderators?



Lol I’m going on a bombardier q400 tomorrow

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Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

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Well you can already use YouTube videos, they’re very easy to publish nowadays. Add onto that the fact that most issues people have are very basic, and then the fact that you can just explain them better via text, I personally don’t feel a need for this idea.

Nice thought though ((:


Nice! Where are you flying to?

Can you tell me a little bit more about what you do as “head of pilot training at Spirit VA”?


I pm you so it’s not off topic

Indeed, there is a wealth of tutorials generated by this community with information specifically applicable to successful operations in IF Airspace! Also applicable is YouTube for and from Realworld Pilots showing how to be successful in realworld airspace! From those two focal points alone one can go from not knowing where the Runway is to multi-stop-waypoints complete with ILS and ATC interaction.

Happy Thanksgiving from Northern California 😎


Salzburg, so on the Austrian Q400?

Airberlin Q400.

I guess there is no traction for this kind of topic so I should probably close it. How do i close it?:D