Flight Tracking

Are there any good cheap/free solutions to tracking my IF flights? I play mostly on my phone on data (don’t have Wi-Fi) and I was wondering if there was a good way to keep a log of my flights other than the IF logbook.

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A excel spreadsheet is a great idea to keep your flights in a order so you know what routes you have done. I know some community members on here have a spreadsheet for all the 3D airports they have released and which ones they have/haven’t visited yet. What i use is a paper notebook and set up the pages like “date, route, aircraft, airline, flight time and server”. At the bottom of each page once its all filled up, I have a summary of how many hours i have had!

I hope that helps you finding out what you want to do with keeping your flights logged!

Cheers, Happy flying!


Like @ybtl.aviation said some of us keep spreadsheets of the visited/not visited 3D airports. I use this for planning future flights/destinations. In addition to that I base 95% of my flights off of real flights so I keep track of that through a MyFlightRadar24 account where I can just enter in the date/flight number and it automatically loads in the information.

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If you still are looking for a solution, I use IFOperations, it’ll track your flight time, fuel used, landing rate and all sorts of other information. At the end of my flight it’ll give me a photo in my camera roll, kind of like a debrief. I usually just store them in a folder and can refer to them whenever I want. I’d recommend. I’ve attached a photo from there so you can see what it’ll look like

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