(Flight tracking thread) Delta's first Airbus A350 route from Atlanta, GA (KATL) to Seoul Icheon Int. Airport (RKSI) @ 240442ZMAR18

This topic has been changed to a flight tracking thread to track the flight for Delta’s A350 KATL-RKSI.

If you would like to track this flight along with me, you may update us with Flightradar24:

DL27 from Atlanta to Seoul https://fr24.com/DAL27/10cfd64b

Ok so Delta’s First Airbus A350 route out of Atlanta, GA is today which will taking off from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL) and land at Seoul Icheon International Airport (RKSI).

I’m excited to know that today might be the first time I’ll see an A350. Who knows, maybe I will get the time to take a picture of it.

Here below is an article showing the A350’s route:


Here are some screenshots of the Aircraft change.



The sad part:

The Airbus A350 will replace the first Delta B77L route.

I’m also sad that they are going to start replacing the B777-200LR which is a cool aircraft and a giant too, I remember the first time I saw one taking off from Atlanta and I was impresed on how big it was.

Tell us what are your opinions in this change.


I think it’s good, but I’d prefer them to fly the A350s out of MSP


Don’t be sad! I bet they are gonna keep doing it.

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I mean they will start replacing great aircarfts like they did to the B744 which it’s also sad that they have removed the “Queen Of The Skies”.

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You never know, they might remove it for a couple of months and then announce it’s back.

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I wish I could be on that flight… I would certainly love to see this aircraft and the Delta livery in IF one day.

(Please don’t kill me for saying many in this great community would love this beautiful bird to be added to our fleet)

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Its less than 15 years old, I doubt delta is simply getting rid of it. It will probably be moved to another route.


Yeah but then they are going to be even rare in here Atlanta once they replace it or place it on another route.

Nice find. I think the A350 did some touch-and-goes at CVG this morning for training, but I didn’t catch it. Would be a cool thing to spot.

EDIT: It was N505DN.


It’ll probably be for increased service to Sydney, or maybe we’ll even see a new direct flight from LAX to Singapore

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Awesome! I can’t wait to go to ATL and see it!

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Me too, specially them cool winglets with the delta logo on it.


im not sad that the a350 will take deltas route

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Im not sad that they’ll add the a350 (is a great aircraft). I’m sad because they’ll start replacing the B777 routes in Atlanta with the a350. I love to spot the B777.

Update: Delta’s A350 estimated departure to be at 12:42 AM (EDT).

Of course it is running late 😂, classic Delta

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Lol, brand new route, brand new delay 😂😂

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BA will use the 744 for a long time still:)

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Update: It’s here guys, getting prepared to a long flight from Atlanta to Seoul.


Feel like tracking at it? Check it out now with Flightradar24:

DL27 from Atlanta to Seoul https://fr24.com/DAL27/10cfd64b

And she’s off, estimated to land in 14hrs and 15min.

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