Flight trackers affected by Covid-19

Hey everyone, as the title suggests, and I’m sure many of you have come to realize, the live flight trackers have been negatively affected since airlines have also been severely affected by covid. I find it’s the worst for trans Canada-america border flights.

To give an example, a flight from CYVR - PHNL usually would be flown directly by a WestJet 737-800. However, because of covid, there is a stop and transfer in Seattle. So there is a lack of information on the flight trackers for direct flights. So you can’t somewhat realistically mimic a direct flight if you don’t know what the original flight was.

Does anyone here know of a flight tracker that and still shows flights (retired and current) despite Covid?

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I have not really seen many Flight Trackers that shut down due to covid. Flightradar24, FlightAware, and PlaneFinder are mine that I and members have been using even before the pandemic.


If you are referring to those flights not shown anymore as they haven’t been operated for months, Flightradar24 offers subscriptions where you can access flight data from a year ago. :)


Same for FlightAware! You can search up a flight number and find flights from 15 years ago


Sorry, I was vague in that post by what I meant. I just updated to explain what I meant if you want to take a look.

A lot of direct flights to America have been split up by making a transfer spot for screening etc in northern United states. So a flight from CYYZ - KDFW is not direct, it has a stop in KORD for eg. Instead of flying direct.

Along with this PlaneFinder allows you to get a subscription where you can access flights from up to 9 years ago. You can also view lots and lots of data on the aircraft.



I’m a little confused. But for example, AC1832 flew from Halifax to Cunugua, Cuba 7 years ago. If you can find the Flight Number from a flight pre-covid, you’ll be able to find it on flightaware https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA1832

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Which trackers have been negatively impacted by covid?

I usually use FlightAware. However, I’ve also realized that what I’ve mentioned above has happened on other flight trackers as well.

If you take a look here, a few months ago there would’ve been a direct flight here with the WestJet 737-800. Because of covid though, now there is a layover in another airport first and the direct route is unavailable.

Hang on I’m not sure I understand. You are trying to find out what trackers show routes that have been changed because of covid?

Close, I’m trying to figure out if there is a flight tracker that shows flights from before Covid.

Yes there is .

All 3 of these allow you to see flights from before the pandemic.


Alright, thanks for the help everyone, I guess I just didn’t do enough exploring before I made a topic… this can be closed now. :)