Flight Tracker that Filters by Flight Length

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a flight tracker that can filter flights dependant of flight time. I like to use FR24 for finding flights but usually just want to get flights that 10-12 hours long. FR24 doesn’t allow for this type of filter though, I have gone to the Suggested Routes topic, don’t worry.

Any help would be great, Thanks

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I do not know of a way to do this, but this topic is better suited to #real-world-aviation. If you could move it there that would be great.

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You could go to fpltoif.com, select a random flight and choose your flight duration and then see what it comes up with. You can refresh it if you don’t like the route. It doesn’t always come up with a real world route, however.

If I’m using that I will then look at the flight on FR24 as fpltoif only shows the aircraft, route and fpl, but not airline info etc.


Omg, exactly what I need! Thanks

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