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Hello friends,

I’m specifically looking for iOS app that shows commercial and military aircraft along with ATC.
I live in Antelope Valley, Ca right in the smack of AFB Plant 42 runway 7. Having the opportunity see just about every military aircraft. In the same location is Los Angeles ATC. East is Edwards AFB with test flights in-n-our of AFB Plant 42. West of Edwards AFB is Mojave Air and Spaceport.
I’m also in the flight path of all aircraft coming from the East 10-15 out on final of Burbank,Van Nuys, LAX and others airports in the Southern California L.A. area.
I would love to nerd out with radio chatter and destinations/arrivals.

Thanks in advance.

i think that this belongs in #real-world-aviation but i’m not 100% sure


@Madison Correct

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I know that RadarBox (formerly RadarBox24) has lots of military aircraft


finally! i got something right for once.

Flightradar24 for flight tracking, liveatc.com for comms.

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A lot of military aircraft have their transponder off/you can’t see it on flightradar24, I doubt you can see it anywhere else publicly, as enemies can use it to their advantage

I’m not able just yet post on #real-world-aviation Even though I’ve had the app forever I haven’t been “trusted” or else I would of post a picture of the B-2 flying over with a F-16 chase plane along with a B-52 the same day.

I also know the Military ATC may not have one. I don’t have FB but I know there a group on there that relays ATC and what possible might fly out or what just took off bc the whole valley can hear the B-2, B-1, U-2 and everything else on runway taking off. Especially the U-2 with the take off climb. It’s crazy… and super loud

I’ve seen an A330 MRT flying over The Netherlands once, it was on FR24 too!

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ADS-B Exchange and Freedar are pretty good when it comes to military aircraft. There isn’t huge amounts thanks to turned off transponders but you do see more there than on FR24. I’ve encountered E4Bs, P8s, F35s, EA 18s, AF1 and many more interesting aircraft there. For ATC there sadly isn’t many more options other than live atc.

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Appreciate it brotha. I wasn’t expecting much especially from Edwards AFB and AFB Plant 42 considering everything is top secret. I just spotted last week the new B-21 bomber and for awhile like clock work Sofia almost every night @ 8pm.
Commercial side of things get everything heading North/East/South/West bc of LAX, Burbank and Van Nuys.

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Sounds like fun I wonder if youll be able to find aircraft flying off carriers and stuff?

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