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Hey IFC, I’ve got a quick question for y’all… I’m planning a flight from SCEL (Santiago de Chile) to one of tomorrow’s ATC schedule hubs. Which airport between KDTW, KIAD and KCLT do you recommend me?

Depends. Under what circumstances are you looking for? ATC present?

Available ATC at the airport (Preferable Approach,Ground, Tower and ATIS)

Check the inbounds later. Go to the one with the most. I’ll bet on Dulles.

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Thank you!

Do KCLT. It will enable you to cover KDTW and Dulles without a big detour :)

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If you’re doing an overnight, you’re looking for about 8-10 hours. I’d say go for CLT. It’s way underrated, it’s about 10 hours long (rough guess). I’d say go for that overall. If you can ditch them all, I’d suggest flying to DFW or MIA with an American 787 or LATAM A350.

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As someone who frequents CLT for spotting purposes, aim for Runway 18C. Longest even number runway we have (an even 10k feet.)

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Thank y’all! I’ll go for KCLT. This topic can now be closed 😊

If you need ATC both spots, let me know, I got you.

Are you an IFATC officer?

Negative. Plan to apply sooner or later.

Okay, nice! Unfortunately i’m doing this flight on the Expert Server. You can’t control an airport in this server

Poo… When do you plan on departing? I may be able to join you in a Lufthansa A350, pending what my VA has planned for tonight, if we decide to do a group flight?

Pretty sure he’s doing it tonight knowing IFATC will be controlling these areas tomorrow.

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23.00 Zulu time!

So, 6:00pm ET, roughly. I may be able to make that. just by a hair though.

That’s actually a banging time! I can join hopefully!

Sounds good 👌 if y’all would like to join me in a group flight, we should move to private messages.

Ok, lets do it.

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