Flight to today's hub!

Hello guys! :D

I just done my IF leisure flight from Riyadh to Mumbai several minutes ago since VABB is the hub airport on ES today (I love flying to hub airport xD), and I took some beautiful screenshots while my flight going. Then it’s time to share to you friends!


Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Saudia A330-300 (I love flying A330 :P)
Cruising: M0.80/FL390
Used time: 3h22min
Runways: 33R (OERK) & 27 (VABB)
Gates: T4 Gate 403 (OERK) & Integrated Terminal Gate V17 (VABB)

I compared some flight route playback thru FR24 and prepare for my flight route with Navigraph. Here’s my fpl for the flight:

And the screenshots while flight!

That’s all!
Thanks so much for your reading! And appreciate to IFATC who controlled me for my whole flight! >w<



Very cool!

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Thanks! :)

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You’re welcome :)

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Lovely photos. May I ask, do you use simbrief to insert the planned route into Navigraph, or did you use just Navigraph (I don’t have Navigraph subscription so I’m just curious how it works).

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Thanks! :D

And for me I just compare real flight path from some websites such as Flightradar24 or Flightaware and use Navigraph to generate the flight route because it will bring more realistic route experience (Different company may have different fpl for a same route). I haven’t use Simbrief for further planning yet but I will try it nearly :)

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