Flight to the Moon

Hey, so I decided to take an F22 and fly into the ground going mach 4 and see what happened. I went through the earth and then this happened. I think I made it to the moon.
Video shows it all.


Technically no cos you would have only travelled 5000+km and the distance from earth to moon is 300000km😬

I could have kept going.

Fair enough but it will prob take a while HAHAHAHA

Well at least your around a few more million feet closer than some other members i’ve seen… So you have that.

However, on the official Infinite Instagram one of the mods (unclear which one) teleported aprox 94,000,000 feet while testing or something.

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glitches like this shouldn’t happen, it’s ruins the realistic atmosphere of the game,.

seriously if you wanna travel to the moon get yourself a space shuttle simulator, those flight to the moon topics are not helpful lol like seriously do some simple searches on google and get some ideas about how far the moon is,.

i mean many pilots get bored of usual long haul flights and yet some think they can get close to the moon with a regular fighter jet!!! i don’t know if they are joking or not, i believe IF is somehow supposed to be realistic,.

maybe infinite flight developers are planning to add a space shuttle or something?! maybe they should considering the fact that some pilots wanna be Astronauts, so we could finally be done with F22 flight to the moon attempts lol

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geeze. No need to ruin everyones fun. Glitches like this are fun. The “flight to the moon” title doesn’t mean I made it there, obviously I didn’t.

sorry for sounding too serious i just don’t find glitches to be fun,.

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at least do it offline

Generally all people do it offline, otherwise you would be hit with many violations.

I got 0 violations.

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I mean sure it’s not realistic to go into deep space in a Jet Fighter, moon landing or not, but really if you don’t crash you’re plane into the ground at Mach 4, this doesn’t affect you, and realism is already out the window at that point…