Flight to the caribbean

Hello to all community.
I would like you to accompany me to know a beautiful and unique place on this planet: THE CARIBBEAN.
It is my first group flight and I would like you to join me. It will be this Thursday at 0850Z (IT IS RECOMMENDED TO BE PREPARED ONE HOUR BEFORE) the flight will be from ORY-SMX

  • Aircraft: A350

  • Livery: Air caraibes

  • Gate: A03,A04.D02,D01,C01,C02,C03

  • Ruta: LFPO-TNCM

  • Flight number : TX520

  • Server: Expert

to be more precise with the schedules here I leave them 2021-05-27T08:50:00Z

If you want to feel a more realistic flight experience I leave the following links with which you can make the flight plan and see the navigation charts

> flight plan: https://fpltoif.com   or they can also use https://www.simbrief.com
> to see the navigation charts I recommend using : https://chartfox.org/ ( An account is required and it is not paid )

If you are going to participate in the flight in the group, put comments and I write them down, EVERYONE CAN ATTEND !!
I leave some attached photos of the airport:




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Si ya intente y no me dejo


¡Parece un vuelo increíble!

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