Flight to the Alps - EasyJet A319


Took the EasyJet A319 out for a spin earlier on a flight out to the Alps. Departure was pretty smooth on a calm afternoon at Gatwick. Landed at Innsbruck after a beautiful early evening descent over the Alps.


Aircraft : Airbus A319-100
Livery : EasyJet
Flight Time : 1hr 35mn
Server : Expert

The Pics

  1. Preparing for the flight

  1. I low key love Gatwick

  1. short and sweet departure

  1. Chasing the sun

  1. cruisin’

  1. alpine views

  1. butter it just wasn’t thought Luke was it

  1. Quick turnaround for the return flight

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I love it too. It’s such a great airport!!

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Unpopular opinion: Gatwick is better than Heathrow in IF


Yeah that’s true. More planes are at Heathrow while Gatwick’s architecture is cooler.

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Big like for the gatwick pictures!! Hugely underrated airport.

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Nice pictures!

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The pier bridge makes it 10 times better


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I personally love the picture number 2! But, they all look great 😊

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Glad you like it!

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