Flight to Talkeetna

We had money and we’re hungry, so what does that mean?

Lunch with the helicopter! Me and a friend decided head north to Talkeetna to grab lunch this afternoon!

Dr Seuss house, it’s a house built on a house built on a house built on… a house!

If you like beer I highly recommend getting some from Denali brewing!

The Army out did us with their blackhaw by flying over us.

It was a great time, good food and good weather!


Cool! Is your friend also a helicopter pilot?

Yes they are

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Just imagine having the opportunity to say “hey let’s take the chopper to get something for lunch.”

Oh, sometimes I envy you with my office job… 😂


Sounds awesome dude! One way to grab a bite!😅

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That’s the new uber

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It’s such a first world problem lol, come up and let’s go grab lunch!

Yes! We landed, and my friend has never been here (just moved up here) and I told him of a good place to grab lunch at

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