Flight to Saint Helena

During this pandemic I decided to explore airports that are not flown to much in the Infinite Flight world. I was watching YouTube when a video about Saint Helena came up. It talked about the challenging approach and troubles of the airport. I wanted a challenge so I flew there. Not a real route to my knowledge. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to do it.

Aircraft: 737-700 (Generic)
Flight time: 2 hours 28 minutes
Server: Expert Server

Note: I heard they landed up to 15 knots tail wind so I flew tailwind with about 4 knots till I came into touch down where the winds went to a 6 knot head wind. Wasn’t a issue.


Departed FNMO, shortly after passed the African Coast line.

As it was mostly water during the flight, here’s some cockpit views of the approach into Saint Helena.

Last photo: On very short final with the steep coast line of Saint Helena

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed :)


Beautiful underrated location! Jeb Brooks a popular trip reporter put out a few nice trip reports to that airport recently that were stunning!


That’s what I was watching 😂 I was like, hm, seems like a great place. I’m gonna fly there. Trying to explore as much as possible


Wendover Productions did an outstanding documentary on Saint Helena, I highly recommend watching it. I watched the entire thing and it was suuuuuuper interesting!


Beautiful approach! You should also check out the video @Shane linked about the airport.

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Have you watched it? It is fantastic!

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I have. Watched it the day it came out. One of the best videos I think he has ever made 🙂

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Definitely. I wish he did more. Almost actually makes me want to buy a nebula subscription 😂


I am watched it like 2 minutes ago… I have an addiction to this airport at the moment :)

I did and still kind of do after watching that video.

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I watched this too!

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