Flight to LOWW with VA friends!

Hi! This is my first post in this category, so I hope you enjoy! Any comments/suggestions? Post down below!
Me, @MDoor, and @Matt777 were doing a flight for DLVA, and it was great. Our route was LFPG-LOWW at around 2200z-2320z. Air France a320 is what we took.

First Picture - At the gate ready for departure

Second picture - Lined up, with @Matt777 in the foreground

Third picture - Rotating out of Paris!

Fourth picture - Flying over Charles De Gaulle in our turn eastward to Vienna

Fifth picture - Reached cruising altitude, with the Moon ever so faintly in the background

Sixth picture - Landing at Vienna with a bit of a crosswind, @Matt777 on short final

*Seventh picture - Due to an Air Asia a330(heading to Prague for some reason) taking off on the wrong side of the runway , @MDoor had to go around! The fact that someone would do that in front of two IFATC members(congrats to @MDoor on his my promotion) blows my mind! *

And finally, last but not least, the eighth picture, a shot of us parked at the gate!

Which picture did you enjoy the most?

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Interesting Fact - We had 106 knot winds on our way there, the reason why we made it so fast!


Maybe next time I’ll edit some and add some flare!

Oh I had quite the view on a 2nm final


Yikes! And I thought it was bad from the ground…

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