Flight to Lisbon

So yesterday i took a flight to Lisbon and took some cool pictures

And a picture of eurowings cause why not haha


This looks great! The A330neo is a fantastic airplane and night flying has its benefits as well. Always happy to see sunshine and an EW plane as well. Thanks for sharing!


Hey there! This is really cool. It looks like an amazing flight but this needs to go in Views from the plane window. The Views from a plane window topic is meant to stop people from making a lot of different topics about pictures from their flights.


Agree! one of my favorite aircrafts to fly!

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oh alright thanks!

I have never seen a picture quite like the 3rd one. That has to be one of the coolest RWA pictures I have seen in a long time! The way the sunset (I presume), stars, and clouds all work together is an immaculate display of the beauty of aviation and flying. I really like that picture!! I hope you had an awesome flight. ;)


i agree i loved the way the picture came out and i definitely enjoyed it can’t wait for another trip!

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