Flight to KSFO From KLAX

A few days ago I flew from KLAX to KSFO

Flight: 1:30

Getting ready for the Flight

On our way to KSFO

Cruising at 38,000 Feet

Descending into KSFO

Approaching Runway 28L


Arrived into KSFO and passengers are getting out of the plane

Thanks for looking at this topic!


*Flight Time:1:30

I think that’s a A320
Also btw nice photos

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Cool shots 🙂

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It is and thank you!

Lovey pics! Great job.

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Thank you!

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y does the plane in the last photo looks like that it’s not at a gate but next to the gate.

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Idk I think that’s a glitch

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I’m concerned about your parking spot…

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yeah lol I think the gate is supposed to move (Ik this update it won’t) or its a glitch

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