Flight to Geneva in the Beautiful El Al 738!

So a few days back, I flew from Tel Aviv (LLBG) to Geneva (LSGG) In the Beautiful El Al 737-800, this flight was for @elal-virtual and here are how the photos turned out! Enjoy!


Server? Expert
Aircraft? El Al 737-800
Flight Time? 4:01
Photo Editor? Photoshop Express
Hotel? Trivago

Vibin’ at the Gate while @DimitriB taxis to the Gate

Beautiful Rotation out of Ben Gurion Airport!

Climbing out of Tel Aviv!

Passing by the beautiful Swiss Alps! 🇨🇭

Short Final Runway 4

The angry 737 charging towards the camera

Parked at the gate, enjoying the view!

Which one was your favourite?

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Hey! You made it to the end! Thank you for viewing my pictures! Here, have a Swiss chocolate 🍫


Beautiful photos, thank you 🥂


Thank you!

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Beautiful … especially the sixth picture 🤩

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Thank you! Glad you liked 'em!

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Beautiful. Just beautiful 😍

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ikr! an absolute beauty!

Those are very well edited and excellent shots. How far was the flight in nm?

We’re glad you enjoyed the flight :)


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