Flight to FNF feat. Saudi Arabia @ LGAV - 281700ZDEC18


Flight to FNF feat. Saudi Arabia!

Join Us as We Fly the Queen of the Skies to Riyadh!

As Misha stated in an earlier post, this week’s FNF will take part in the mysterious country of Saudi Arabia! To join the fun, we will fly to the IFATC-controlled Riyadh from our hub in Athens on the unique Olympic B747-200! Join us as we explore the Mediterranean and Middle East!

General Information

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: B747-200 (Livery: Olympic)

Departure Airport: LGAV - Athens Intl. Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

Arrival Airport: OERK - Riyadh “King Khalid” Intl. Airport

Event Duration: Approximately 3:45 Hours

Date and Time: Today 6:00 PM

*This includes pushback and taxi times as well as approach times at the respective airports.

IMPORTANT: NOTAMs, the flight plan (which depends on winds) and departing/arrival runways (also dependent on winds), will be announced in a group PM, sent a few hours before the event.

Reserve Your Gate Today!

You don’t need to be an Aegean Virtual Pilot to join

To reserve a gate, simply comment below with your callsign (AEExxx) for Aegean Virtual members.


A13: @Moonlit
A11: @NeperQiell
A09: @Rishon_R
A07: @Feurum
A05: @CaptainPanos

More Gates can be added if needed.

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Hi i would like a gate

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I am with you guys! AEE118

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I believe I can do it this flight today. I request a Gate. Thanks.

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@Rishon_R You’ve got Gate B09.

@Feurum You’ve got Gate B07.

@CaptainPanos You’ve got Gate B05.

See you all later today!


Event is taking place in a a few minutes, lets start spawning


Spawn In

Event Begins in a minute! :)

Theres Still Time To Join Us!


Saudi Bound 😎


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