Flight to Boston @ CYYZ - 242200ZNOV17

Server: Expert

Region: Northeast America

Airport: CYYZ - Toronto Pearson Int.

Time: 2200Z

Enroute Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

NOTAM: See below


I’ll be flying a WestJet Express route today, for anyone that would like to join. I will be departing the gate at 2200Z, so I recommend spawning around 2130Z. Reply if you would like to come and I will assign you a gate. SID and STAR charts will be linked later, as I’m typing this on a phone. The WestJet Express Dash 8 is recommended, and the flight will last around an hour.

Other instructions will follow closer to departure.


Gate 136 - @Ksisky
Gate 132 - @Ryan_Vidad


Unrecognized waypoints have been substituted with coordinates. (Plan also subject to changes.)

CYYZ SAVUR SEKIT RIKEM 4319N/7845W 4311N/7819W 4255N/7752W HANKK 4245N/7349W 4245N/7307W 4241N/7238W 4239N/7219W 4237N/7203W 4236N/7151W 4235N/7149W 4233N/7136W 4231N/7122W 4228N/7110W 4227N/7102W 4227N/7058W 4228N/7047W KLANE 4224N/7046W RIPIT R1191 KBOS


Ill join sign me up!

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Gate 132 is yours. See you there!

My appologies, but the event will have to be postponed one hour to 2200Z.

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