Flight times

Where can I find flight times for specific flight? For instance San Fran to Honolulu Hawaii.

@Eric_Prater KSFO - PHNL is about 5 hours. You can look it up, use simbrief.com, or https://airplanemanager.com/FlightCalculator.aspx.

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I usually check on Flightradar24. If the route is operated by any airline it will have some stats about it like the average time or the distance between the two airports.
It’s fast and accurate.


Like @JoelJ mentioned above Flight Radar 24, is a great resource. You can also track flights on there in real time. You can visit their website or download their app, which I highly recommend.

I use this one:

https://www.flight-durations.com/ It’s just a quick estimate guide

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Look in SimBrief, FlightAware, or Flightradar24

Google works pretty good too.