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I have been flying a lot of long-haul routes since global was released and I seem to be doing something wrong. All of my flights have been shorter than real life cutting off hours from my flight time even in strong headwinds. I have the correct speeds and altitudes from @DeerCrusher Thread about Fuel burns.

I’ve also used the @Chris_S great post about how to use Simbreif and have made what I believe are fairly accurate flight plans.

For an example, I’m currently on a flight in an Air India 777-200LR from Chicago (ORD) to New Delhi (DEL). It is supposed to take 14h 15m yet I am heading for Approx. 12h flight.

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Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or If you have found yourself In a similar situation. Any input is appreciated!

Sidenote: I know due to Globals’ release there have been a lot of threads cluttering the forum and many could wait a while to be posted. Please tell me if i should refrain from posting similar threads like this in the near future. Thanks!


This is interesting… maybe you are taking a shorter route?

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What’s your mach speed? Also are you flying at the same times and altitude as those you are comparing to?


Keep in mind that the estimated time is at your current speed. You wont be going that fast once you start descending slower the time will adjust.

For example, where when you are taxing it tells you your flght is going to take over a day.


IRL airlines add a little time to their flight time to account for minor delays, that’s why on time flights are usually early (or favorable winds, etc, etc)


Airline estimates are different. @BluePanda900 made a good point, and the airlines also factor in taxi time as well I think, so that can make a 15-20 minute difference. And infinite flight is a bit more direct than real life. Pilots are forced to make constant adjustments, especially with atc, where as in infinite flight, you will usually be flying a direct route with little change.


Yes, but I wouldn’t account for three extra hours would it?

Mach .84 and it is as accurate as I believe it can be

It’s more then likely due to the fact you aren’t being vectored around. Also could be the time you choose to fly partially.

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