Flight times unrealistic???

Hello today I did a flight from KSFO to KLAX which would take 1h30 in real life however it only took me 45 minutes I flew in a 757 at mach 0.63 which is already pretty slow. I had this issues many times which is why I canceled my pro subscription a few months ago. on long haul it was even worse sometimes even a few hours less than in real life is there any solution to this??? Thanks


You can’t really trust the times given by airlines, since that includes time to/from the gates. Therefore the flight time shown in Google Flight for example, will be longer than the actual flight. ;)



To start with, it would be good to know what you base your “realistic” flight time on?
If you’re referring what you might be seeing on Google Flight, various schedules etc, you need to take ground time, traffic queues into airport etc. into account.

In Infinite Flight, you usually never have either to take into consideration. Additionally, the app only counts time spent in air. Not on the ground.


Also consider that there are winds, which can speed up your flight, or delay it. Many factors affect flight time. I recommend using Infinite Flight FPL Converter to calculate the flight time and even your flight plan.


In Flightradar24 counts time only spend in the air.


You’re right, correcting :)


Like others said, that time shown is what airlines put for gate-to-gate. Often times, they overestimate it, or pad it to make up for possible minor delays. Your air time of 0:45 is pretty accurate on the real world, here’s a JetBlue flight that took 0:50 :)


Airlines give flight times that are longer than they would actually be. Check flight radar 24 for accurate flight times.

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If you’re using FlightAware for the “total travel time”, that means from pushback to shutdown, including taxi times, not wheels up to wheels down.

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In my opinion flightradar24 is the best app for checking total flight time history. My IF flights always matches with real life flight time (+ - 20mins depending on the traffic and winds)

The 1 hr 30 mins as showed on airlines schedule or other place are considered from gate to gate

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Also note that most airlines add 15 minutes to the advertised flight time just in case something happens.


Most of the time flights aren’t nearly as long as airlines say they are.

For example, Aer Lingus says their flight from Cork (EICK) to Heathrow (EGLL) is about 1h30 when in reality it’s 45 - 55 minutes long.

as someone who takes this flight often KSFO - KLAX and from Cali I can tell you that 45mins “air time” is correct. the times you see in FlightAware include taxing. if you plan flight on SimBrief it will tell you the Flight time & Air time.

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The airlines “block” 1hr 30min into the schedule for this flight. This adds a buffer so that if the flight is delayed or it takes longer than normal in the air, it’s not catastrophic to the airlines schedule for the rest of the day.

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Also you got to keep in mind speed restrictions, altitude restrictions and radar vectors (which may taking longer in real life)

I find IF to be very very accurate in terms of flight time.