Flight time

Hello everyone!

So for a long time i been having some trouble knowing how long my flight will be.
Can you guys help me?

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Just create a simbrief account on another tab then you can use Infinite Flight FPL Converter and it will use your account and generate flight plans telling you V speeds, fuel, time etc

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I look up flights on Safari, example. Flight time from London to Paris, about 70% of the time I’ve done the flight in a 10 minute range of what it says


I want yo do a flight from Jfk to Sydney should i put full fuel on A350? And can you please tell me what vs i should use?

When you input your basic plan into fpltoif.com it’ll give you the flight time and the fuel. Plan for a 45 minute reserve if you want to be close to reality!
I usually climb at no more than 2800 feet per minute, reduce it even more for a heavy airplane (around 2300-2500 FPM).

It says it when you generate the flight plane use the website I linked you after making an account on simbrief.com then use the same browser and enter all the details it asks you on the website I linked you, it will generate and tell you everything

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