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Hey so with COVID-19 going around many flights are cancelled or suspended as of now. So I use Flight Aware to calculate times for flights. However most of the time especially internationally they say no flights are happening so I can’t see the times. Any suggestions or other sites?


Google this

Origin to destination flights on google

Go to flights

Change date to December this year and wallah

FlightRadar24. Easy answer.

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fpltoif.com and simbrief.com are two very helpful resources for flights, they calculate flight plans, flight time, fuel, V-speeds, etc. for you. I suggest giving it a try :)


Flightradar24.com. Just look when the flight was last operated and the days prior. That should give you a good sense as to the length of the flight. However, IF tends to be 5-15 minutes faster.


Awesome thanks, this helps.

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Flightradar24.com and SimBrief.com may help you


This isn’t a website, but I sometimes go off the idea that 500nm takes about 1 hour to fly, so then you can calculate how long your flight will take. This isn’t as accurate as other methods, but if your in a rush or flying a route that doesn’t exist in the real world then this is helpful :)


I personally use fpltoif.com for planning my flights. It suits the waypoints to Infinite Flight and replaces unknown ones with coordinates. it also gives an estimated flight time and fuel load. Definitely recommend!


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