Flight time

Gooday, I make a 40h flight and around the 23h a notification of Apple appear on my divice iPad Air 2, I cancel it in few minutes but infinite flight won’t reconnect, also when I was landing the app crash, I lose that 20h?

Hello there! Sorry to hear about the notification and the crash. All Time is saved and updated to the servers regularly so as long as your connection was good you don’t lose all of your flight time. I highly recommend that you disable the notifications in your device settings to try and prevent this in the future.


Also for future reference, your XP is also updated constantly.

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But in the log book says 23h 5min, and I do 40h

It says 23 hours because your connection was inconsistent. You weren’t connected to the servers then for some time.

So I lose 17 hours of flight?

Also, happy birthday

I would wait a bit to see if your logbook updates. As mentioned before, if you had a stable connection with the servers your flight should have been updating regularly. Thanks for the wishes too ;)

No, it don’t update, I lose 17h

Correct. If you were on a 40 hour flight, completed 23 hours then got a notification which knocked you from the server, and continued to fly the rest of the 40 (17 hours), you don’t get credit for the time not connected

But I was connected always to internet, is a server problem that don’t make me reconnect…


Based on your screenshot and what you’ve disclosed, unless you are conducting a multi-leg flight where you are landing and refueling there’s no way the 772 is flying for 40 hours. That’s 8 hours short of flying 2 whole days.

I’d recommend you disable device notifications, lower your graphics settings if your app is crashing on Final Approaches and conduct a short flight on the casual server to see if the logbook updates.

Because of your device pushing the notification this is an issue with the device and not the app preventing you from connecting to the servers.


I will do it, I make VVTS-LFPG
LFPG-SAEZ and on SAEZ I refuel, then back to LFPG

Anything, I lose 17h


Unfortunately there’s no way for us to add any hours that we’re possibly lost due to a connection issue. I hope you received and implement the advice above in your future flights to try to prevent those notifications from breaching your connection.


Okay, thanks sir :) and happy birthday haha